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Concierge's Choice Sightseeing Osaka
Concierge's Choice Osaka Day Trip

It is Typical Sightseeing for first time visit in 2 days and 1 night: 1st day

For a long time, Osaka has been got close to as town of merchant. There are so many attractive places, which has history, taste, energy, brand new and any more. How can I see so many places?…Our concierge will recommend you a special choice.


You can leave your laggage with us before check-in and Lunch at "Takimi-Koji".

We enjoy "taste of Osaka" in nostalgic space that reproduced the hotel immediate neighbor, town of Showa!


Don't worry by the slightly early arrival. Even before check-in, we can keep your baggage at a bell desk.

After your leaving your baggage with us, Go to "Takimi-Koji" located the next to our hotel (11:30 opening). Okonomiyaki shop in nostalgic dining room street which reproduced early cityscape of the Showa era so popular that there are always lines, a lot of restaurants including pork fried on a skewer specialty store. You can enjoy "taste of Osaka" at reasonable price.

Shuttle bus / for free from hotel (ten minutes)

Osaka Station

JR loop line (ten minutes)

Osakajo-Koen Station

It is immediate on foot


"Osaka Castle" which is the symbol of Osaka has a historical atmosphere.

In one of "the Japanese three fine castle", think about culture of the Azuchi-Momoyama era.

Osaka Castle

It is located at the center of Osaka city. You can easily access there. Inside the large park, you'll feel the nature of the four seasons, plum grove in February-March, cherry blossomes in spring and red leaves in autumn. The present castle tower was built with the donation of citizens in 1931, the episode shows Osaka people's feelings. In 2015, many events will be held, because it is the 400th anniversary year from "Osaka summer war" which is the end of Toyotomi Family (the lord of this castle) domination.

A 5-minute walk

Experience "City of Water, Osaka" by water bus Aqua liner.

Look around attractions and historic sites from the river.

Water bus

Take water bus "Aqua liner" at Osakajo pier in Osakajo-Koen. It leads you to the Mint with red bricked appearance, Osaka City Central Public Hall(Osaka-shi Chuo Kokaido) and Osaka castle from view on the water. you can see the "City of Water, Osaka". (the time required: for approximately 60 minutes)

JR loop line (two minutes)

Morinomiya Station

Subway Nagahori-Tsurumiryokuchi Line (eight minutes)

Shinsaibashi Station


Enjoy heavy Osaka in "Dotombori"!

Shopping area of Osaka eminent downtown, Minami


The area around Osaka station ( our hotel located ) is called "Kita" which means the North. Meanwhile, this area around Shinsaibashi and Namba is called "Minami" which means the South. These are big two commercial area in Osaka."Minami" has the famous signboard "Kani Doraku" and "Glico", many shops and restaurants. Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Udon, there are many attractive B class gourmet foods. Let's pick it up a little. In addition, while in the heart of downtown, you can feel the emotion of Naniwa at "Hozenji yokocho" or "Mizukake Fudoson". There is also a long-established restaurants.

Namba Station

Subway Midosuji Line (five minutes)

Dobutsuemmae Station

On foot (ten minutes)


Satisfying with "Tsutenkaku" and "Kushi-katsu" at Shin sekai.

A symbol of Naniwa(Osaka) and Janjan Yokocho


With a nickname of "the Eiffel Tower of Osaka" (?) , Tsutenkaku. In 1912 at the time that the tower was built, 64m height was highest in the East Since appearing frequently to the drama or movie that was on the stage of Osaka, people in Japanese often have opportunities to see it. In addition, there is a small mall called "Janjan Yokocho" in the neighborhood, they offer "Kushi-katsu" a dining room of "the No double-dipping", udon, drink stand. You can enjoy popular restaurants here. It is what we call "the taste of Osaka". Why don't you enjoy B class gourmet?

Dobutsuemmae Station

Subway Midosuji Line (13 minutes)

Umeda Station

Shuttle bus / for free from Osaka Station (ten minutes)


It is night view in check-in, adjacent "Umeda Sky Building" at hotel

Night view spot of 173m above the ground that was chosen as "Top 20 buildings around the world"

Sky Building

By shuttle bus free from Osaka Station to our hotel. There is Floating Garden of Osaka eminent night view spot "Umeda Sky Building" in the immediate neighbor of hotel. As you sell special treatment ticket (normal 1,000 yen ⇒ 900 yen) at the front desk, please order at the time of check-in. The business time of "the Floating Garden" is until 22:00 p.m. (vary according to a season). Since it is the neighbor immediately from us, you can take your time.

  Foot in Shin Umeda City is immediate     

Relax and make yourself at home in our guest room.

The night view from the extensive room and " Feeling like comfort on the cloud", Heavenly Bed.

Heavenly Bed

Please spend time relaxedly if you arrive at spacious room where is higher than 41 square meters. If slight change of mind becomes vacant, the room service 24 hours available. Wide bathroom, independent shower booth and Heveanly bed for THE WESTIN HOTELs all over the world will make you better. We offer "Rechargeble Stay" which energize you.

It is Typical Sightseeing for first time visit in 2 days and 1 night: 2nd day


One-day opening that is rich with breakfast buffet

While taking Asanohikari to pour restaurant "Amadeus"

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast restaurant "Amadeus" is all atrium fitted with glass. In brilliant and pouring morning sun, we offer many items including kind-rich bread and delicatessen.

Breakfast of our hotel realizes that "we have guest leave for feeling that is better with forest to see outside shop filled with greenery than time when he/she arrived" advocated by the Westin Hotel.

A 4-minute walk

Shopping spot "GRAND FRONT OSAKA" is a 4-minute walk

Since our check-out time is 12:00, you can pack after the shopping.


The commercial complex "GRAND FRONT OSAKA" has direct connection to the station opened in 2013. As for a lot of brands which specialty store more than 250 including shop and restaurant enters, and become flagship shop of West Japan. Cafes and a bakeries open early in the morning, and shops open 10:00 ( not all of them). You can check-out until 12:00 p.m. Even if you enjoy your shopping 1 hour, you can pack your luggage in your room.

A 4-minute walk

For sightseeing after the check-out, we are pleased to keep your baggage.

Please enjoy Osaka where is fuller of charm including comedy and Aquarium


If you think "I want to see the sights after check-out!" We'll keep your baggage at 1F bell desk carefully. There are so many attractive places in Osaka. Aquarium, Yoshimoto comedy, Bunraku theater, Abeno Harukas... In addition, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka's neighborhood prefectures also have attractive places. Since we are located near JR Osaka station, You can visit these city with consecutive stay without change hotel. Not to mention Osaka, please utilize our hotel for a trip of Kansai.