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Many items adding flower to stay

We had many items to attach sinter to on birthday and memorial day to reach in hotel. On special day only for two, we offer hospitality by wonderful direction.

Cake (Gateau fraise, Deux chocolate)

Gateau fraise 12cm (the photograph depths)

2,800 yen

Deux chocolate (photograph this side)

3,300 yen

※Please reserve Deux chocolate by 18:00 four days ago of the use.

※It becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

※We do not offer this cake during the Christmas period mentioned above.

Champagne (jakaruburyuttomozaiku)

Champagne: jakaruburyuttomozaiku
(full bottle) 17,000 yen
(half-bottle) 9,500 yen

Bouquet (image)

From 3,240 yen

Optional reservation popularity ranking

Ranking No. 1

― Gateau fraise (12cm size) + Champagne half-bottle

Gateau fraise

Cake of tasteful hotel maid and set of Champagne are the most popular.
As for the Gateau fraise of fresh cream type, sweetness is modest, but it is tasteful and is basic item of favorable reception for adult. Half-bottle which Champagne is easy to consume in two people is popular and is good though both celebrate memorial day only with two.

Ranking No. 2

― Gateau fraise (12cm size)

Gateau fraise

Hotel maid cake of fresh cream type. Gateau fraise which is tasteful while being lightly sweetened is popular item of constant seller. It is recommended as surprise of the last of course dinner in room.

Ranking No. 3

― Deux chocolate + bouquet

Deux chocolate

Set of deluxe chocolate cake "Deux chocolate" which can taste creamy milk chocolate and mellow dark chocolate at a time and bouquet. We offer bouquet for surprise after dinner in the direct back that was broken into by room and room. After having raised feeling by present of sudden bouquet; a time when is happy in cake of hotel maid.

Optional reservation

Instructions on the occasion of the optional reservation use

(about application)

Optional reservation is available only for person who already finishes staying reservation. Please note that you confirm the room reservation situation of guest with application. We would like application within two days before check-in day.

(about payment)

Payment of product which had you apply by optional reservation adds to the staying price. I would like settlement at the time of check-out.

(about cancellation)

It is said that cancellation is until 18:00 of the day before check-in. Please contact over email or telephone by all means. (when room reservation is canceled, we hope that we have you offer that you cancel optional reservation in addition.) When there is not communication of cancellation and is not come, approve that you demand the total amount of optional reservation use amount of money separately beforehand.

(about delivery of flower)

In the case of reservation only for flower, we set in room by check-in estimated time of guest. In the case of reservation that is the same as cake and Champagne, you bring all together in time for designation, but you feel free to contact, and please touch if there is designated delivery time.

※We do price written on the cover with 20% of service charges and total sum indication including consumption tax in page.
※Various photographs of publication are an example in page.