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Internet environment
Internet & Wi-Fi

It is coped with wiring with wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) free all guest rooms

At our hotel, you can use free access service of Wi-Fi in all guest rooms and lobby area. The Internet can use free in almost all areas in hotel if you can have PC and smartphone embedding wireless LAN, tablet terminal.

In addition, in guest room, wired LAN connection is available free as before, too.

About wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

■Available terminal

PC, smartphone of the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi standard) deployment, tablet terminal

■Use area

All guest rooms (cable broadcasting / radio) to ... the 30th floor on the seventh floor

The first floor, the second floor, the fourth floor, banquet room on the seventh floor and meeting room (cable broadcasting / radio)

The first floor, the third-floor restaurant & bar (radio)

Lobby area (radio) on the first floor

※It is not available in basement parking area.

■Use procedure

  1. Please choose antenna beginning in "WESTIN_" in area that SSID of The Westin Osaka can receive.
  2. As "connection start" button is displayed when we start browser, please click.
  3. In addition, in banquet room and restaurant area, input of password is required. About password, ask each use facilities staff.
  4. When connection is completed, hotel homepage is displayed. Please enjoy netsurf sequentially.

Fee: Free of charge
Use time 24 hours
※As communication is cut 12 hours after connection start, I would like the use after connection again.
Speed Up to 1Gbps (with upbound / descent)
※*For service of best effort type, we do not guarantee line speed.

■Instructions on the occasion of the use

  • About transmission rate, is thing providing always-on connection environment, but by the congestion situation of environment and line of guest speed drop please note that may not be connected.
  • At hotel, we cannot do support about various setting of PC and communication terminal at all.
  • We hope that we have security of PC to connect and communication terminal protects in responsibility of guest individual and manage.
  • We prohibit the following acts by this service. When the following acts are found out, we stop connection promptly.
    Act to violate copyright of large-capacity communication / another person becoming annoying of spam mail / file swapping / other guest, act to be against act / public order order to violate other rights, the use in state to be against laws and ordinances, other terms
  • It enforces Wi-Fi as part of further service offer to guest, but does not guarantee 100% of Internet environment.
  • When guest or third party suffers damage by interruption of service by unexpected trouble or maintenance, our hotel cannot take all responsibility.

About wiring in guest room

■Use procedure

We only have you connect LAN cable installed in isanettopoto (LAN port) and guest room of PC of guest and can connect to use.
Connection speed realizes up to 1Gbps* and high-speed transmission rate. Security measures are perfect by fire wall function of server in hotel, too.

Fee: Free of charge
Use time 24 hours
Speed Up to 1Gbps (with upbound / descent)
※*For service of best effort type, we do not guarantee line speed.

■Instructions on the occasion of the use

  • As for the transmission rate, climbing up and down is up to 1Gbps. But we may change by the congestion situation of environment and line of guest.
  • About email transmission and reception using mail application, guest may not be available by security restrictions of provider of participation. In this case please use services such as WEB emails.
  • Please contact concierge if you have any questions on connection. But please note that guest cannot do support about various setting of PC of bringing.
  • We install fire wall at hotel and prevent unauthorized access from the outside, but, about viral infection by your operation, data disappearance, other damage, cannot take all responsibility at hotel. Please use on understanding beforehand.
  • When you use large-capacity data transmission and judge when load hangs over line for long time, we may cut line on the hotel side.

About rental of PC service

In The Westin Osaka, rental of PC gives a service targeting at guest staying at.

Charge It is 1,000 yen per night

Specifications of PC

The OS Windows 7
Application Internet Explorer, Think Free Office3, Calc/Write/Show (software compatible with Office)

※Software compatible with Office does not guarantee Microsoft Excel/Word/Power Point and complete compatibility. Some functions may not be usable.
※"Setting initialization tool" is introduced into PC for rental. Please be careful when you shut down power supply as all the data saved in PC are deleted.
※Number includes limit.

※We do the price of indication with total sum indication including consumption tax in page.