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Hotel stay
Enjoy Hotel Stay to your Full

Way of enjoying, that of another hotel different from sightseeing "hotel stay." Pleasure only in luxury hotel where many facilities kept in there being "basket forest stay" until check-out all the time if we entered hotel once.

We introduce such a plan that stays at "executive floor" which executive club lounge is available to, and tastes restaurant and pool, hotel including relaxation salon exhaustively.

Hotel stay: 1st day


Leave baggage before check-in, and is Chinese food "Imperial Palace"; lunch

Real Cantonese dish of What you eat makes you well.

Imperial Palace
Imperial Palace
Imperial Palace

How about precious hotel stay, lunch at restaurant in hotel, too? As take big baggage at 1F bell desk, to 3F.

Chinese food "Imperial Palace" right here provides Cantonese dish which is kind to body deliciously with What you eat makes you well. as concept if delicious. Special dish of recommendation to be able to eat simply because steamed soup "Buddha Jumping Over Wall Soup" of Signature Dish that it is sultry for long time and puts up is here. In Cuisine of the highest peak where Chef Wong gives beginning of hotel stay.

Chinese food "Imperial Palace" lunch


In check-in and teatime, it is lounge of the heavens

It is time for relaxation in patissier specially made dessert

Champagne is offered all day
Patissier specially made Afternoon Tea set
We offer coffee beans of the natural manufacturing method from Ethiopia in drip

Early 14:00 when check-in of our hotel is rare at luxury hotel of Osaka. Therefore you can enjoy up to 22 hours and unhurried stay until 12:00 of check-out, the following day and are good to hotel stay.

Guest staying at executive club floor is club lounge by check-in. After the check-in, please enjoy chef patissier specially made Afternoon Tea plate in club lounge. Teatime when the afternoon is slow with drip coffee and champagne of the natural manufacturing method from Ethiopia.

Executive club lounge


We feel fine in fitness & pool of hotel

One of the luxury that exercise brings a space in heart

Fitness gym

Did you eat too much sweets in lunch a little?…? If think of this, to fitness center in hotel. Positive light comes in with brilliant and swims brightly in liberation-like indoor pool and drains a good sweat in fitness and.

Guest staying at executive floor is available free.

Fitness & pool


It is acupuncture needle beauty treatment salon in relaxation salon

Surgical operation to have at hotel of Osaka simply because it is the only Acupuncture Salon juxtaposition

Relaxation salon

After exercise to relaxation salon in hotel 8F. Original "acupuncture needle beauty treatment salon" only in our hotel establishing the only Acupuncture Salon in Osaka is recommended. We combine massage with acupuncture needle moxibustion and, with muscle which we used by fatigue and exercise from day, put of body and outside, healing from both.

Relaxation salon


It is Champagne in happy hour of lounge

Night view of glittering Umeda is prologue to dinner

We offer alcohols

In executive club lounge, we offer alcohols including champagne free all day. Furthermore, for happy hour (from 18:00 to 19:30), we offer Antipasto such as prosciutto ham, cheese, fruit. Please spend time of unwind (relaxation) before dinner with liquor and colorful Antipasto while looking at night view of Umeda at table which light of candle glitters.


Come back to room, and is room service; dinner

While looking at night view, dinner time only for two

Room service

There are many restaurants in hall, too, but precious; stay, and how about dinner in room? It is charm of room service dinner dinner while couple is just two of us and looks at night view or that can enjoy dainty food without hesitation with children.

In addition, you can enjoy a la carte menus of Japanese food "Hanano" and Chinese food "Imperial Palace" in hall, too.

Room service


In extensive room and "Heavenly Bed" taking a rest…

Westin original bed which is named "feeling in bed on cloud"

Heavenly Bed

Spacious space where room of our hotel is more than in 41 square meters. Wide bathroom, independent shower booth and Heveanly bed for THE WESTIN HOTELs all over the world will make you better. We offer "Rechargeble Stay" which energize you.

At night of hotel stay, please relax relaxedly.

Heavenly Bed

Hotel stay: 2nd day


Executive breakfast while we look down at town which begins to move

We charge one-day energy in champagne even in the morning

Japanese black beef roast beef
Scenery to be able to look around Osaka
For important one-day opening

Breakfast is lounge of 26F, too. Including much-talked-about super food menu, we offer several kinds of bread and salad bar, serial numbers and yoghurt, egg Cuisine or fruit at buffet corner.

It is breakfast full of energy which can be refreshed at the time of departure according to concept "For a better you" (to you who are better) of Westin brand.


It is healed to "Chushizen-no-mori (forest)" in the hotel neighbor by walk, green

Please enjoy resort feeling while it is in center of Osaka

Chushizen-no-mori (forest)

To "Chushizen-no-mori (forest)" which is adjacent immediately from hotel lobby if we finish meal. Space of rest that the murmuring of water, small birdsong echo in forest, and firefly flies about every year in early summer. At hotel where city fused with nature, please enjoy resort feeling while being in city of 1km from Osaka Station.


We leave baggage and do shopping in check-out, GRAND FRONT

It is big shopping mall of a 4-minute walk from hotel


Check-out with 12:00 relaxedly. As take baggage even after check-out, from hotel to "GRAND FRONT" of a 4-minute walk. Event in exclusive space and kyapitarunarejji is held at any time after being able to enjoy as shops which are sensitive to the fashion stand in a row even if we visit how many times.

You are light, and please enjoy shopping or event without minding baggage.

Accommodation plan of executive club floor is this