Executive club floor

Executive club floor
Executive Club Floor

Higher-grade refined hospitality

Floor which can overlook scenery of Umeda on upper floors "executive club floor." It is first-class floor where only guest of stay can access in executive room and special suite.

We offer various privileges including the use of exclusive lounge "executive club lounge" and "fitness club" to guest of stay in this floor.

Executive club floor privilege

  • Guest room which is located on upper floors
  • The use of executive club lounge
    • Utmost hospitality by the lounge exclusive duty staff
    • Champagne to offer from breakfast all day
    • Breakfast (Japanese and Western buffets)
    • Teatime (patissier specially made Afternoon Tea plate)
    • Cocktail Time (Antipasto and happy hour: for from 18:00 to 19:30)
  • The use of pool fitness club is free
  • Shoeshine service

Champagne to be able to enjoy all day in lounge from breakfast to night and Afternoon Tea and club lounge-limited coffee by patissier. In the best place that colorful Antipasto forms a line for happy hour, and enjoys night view of Umeda to look at from champagne and 26F. At the end of day, it is also breath in herb tea to be able to choose from five kinds relievedly. Before departure on the next morning, fix balance of body for breakfast of 15 kinds of vegetables and Japanese food "Hanano" carefully made miso soup.

We realize "For a better you" (to you who are better) which is concept of Westin brand, In executive club lounge to have you spend deluxe time, you can enjoy unhurried hotel life.

Executive club lounge

In extensive lounge, we offer Antipasto and cocktail, breakfast and various services by time. In addition, commencing with check-in check-out, the exclusive duty staff supports hotel life of guest.

Floor The 26th floor
Business hours From 6:00 to 22:00
(front duties 7:00 - 22:00/ Last call 21:45)
The use of child
  • From 6:00 to 18:00: It is available without age limit.
    ※I take stroller at front counter.
  • After 18:00: Child 12 years or younger is not available.

Breakfast - breakfast ...

Happy hourFrom 6:30 to 10:00

For one-day opening breakfast buffet…. Including super food menu, we offer western dishes menus such as several kinds of bread and salad bar, serial numbers and yoghurt, egg Cuisine or fruit, Japanese dishes menus such as rice and miso soup, grilled fish, side dish or pickled, drink at buffet corner.

Breakfast which fixes balance of body using seasonal vegetables more than 15 kinds. Japanese dishes menu including Koshihikari rice which we cooked in pickle using Japanese food "Hanano" carefully made miso soup and "Naniwa vegetables" from Osaka plumply is enhancement. Please enjoy breakfast time to charge one-day spirit by urban scenery that begins to move in the morning under eyes.

※Breakfast is available for change to breakfast buffet of restaurant "Amadeus", too.

Western dishes menu image

A time when it is valuable with luxury in spite of being view with cityscape of Osaka stained with morning glow. We take champagne together.

Western dishes menu

Western dishes menu is quality only in hotel, too

Japanese dishes menu

Japanese dishes including rice of Japanese food "Hanano" chef, the Yumikino supervision and miso soup are fulfilling, too

Afternoon Tea Time - cafe ...

Happy hourFrom 14:00 to 17:00

From 14:00 when check-in begins, we offer chef patissier specially made Afternoon Tea which can heal fatigue of trip. With lounge-limited drip coffee and soft drinks or champagne, please spend a time in the afternoon while enjoying view of Osaka Station at seat which bright sunlight inserts.

Happy Hours - happy hour ...

Happy hour From 18:00 to 19:30

※Child 12 years or younger is not available.

We offer prosciutto ham, cheese, Antipasto such as fruit and abundant drink. With champagne and liquor and colorful Antipasto, we raise appetite for dinner while looking at night view of Umeda at table which light of candle glitters and.

Cocktail Time - cocktail Time ...

Happy hour From 19:30 to 22:00 (Last call 21:45)

※Child 12 years or younger is not available.

In addition to abundant drink, we offer five kinds of herb tea before taking a rest for refreshment and relaxation. Have still more comfortable morning.

Herb tea menu

Black soybean burdock & cinnamon

Characteristic flavor of nice smell and cinnamon of black soybean burdock body and heart in spirit.

Strawberry & Rose

In feeling that flavor that is sweet with sour-sweetness of strawberry, beauty of Rose is gorgeous.

Come out chamomile &; re-Ann

In feeling that unique sweet flavor of chamomile and calm bitterness were unhurried pleasantly.

Raspberry leaf & ginger

Spicy taste of green flavor and ginger. While ginger gradually warms; condition of body and heart in good health.

[seasonal recommendation]

The details, please speak to the staff.

Facilities of executive club lounge

Business space

Available time: From 7:00 to 21:00

We offer business space in corner of executive club lounge. We offer business desk with PC and printer connected to Internet line and support the use of guest of use of business.

Meeting room

Available time: From 8:00 to 21:00

Meeting room

We offered private space for exclusive use of guest which stayed at executive club floor. Meeting room where sofa seat was arranged for is most suitable for simple business talk and meeting (available to up to six people)

About use charges

We say the following room charge and accept guest staying at executive club floor.

First one hour Free of charge
Together with afterward one hour 10,000 yen
※We include tax, service charge

List of guest rooms of executive club floor

※Various photographs of publication are an example in page.