Lobby lounge

Four kinds of caramel nuts souffle pancake

Lobby lounge

Four kinds of caramel nuts souffle pancake

Lobby lounge
Lobby Lounge

"Lobby lounge" menu

Afternoon Tea
At night

Afternoon Tea set and seasonal cake, Japanese food "Hanano" carefully made sum sweets to provide in the tea stands which became three levels. Coffee which is sweets and flavor only in hotel high together.

Sofa and table which were laid out relaxedly for the third floor by floor of colonnade. Please spend a time to heal heart by nature which is full of green to see from window fitted with glass and warm sunlight.

Business hours

From 10:00 to 20:00 (Last call 19:45)
(the use of ※ Afternoon Tea should be from 13:00 to 18:00)


[number of floors] the first floor
[the number of seats] 58 seats
[use of group] is available to up to 58 people
[cigarette], by time, become non-smoking / separation of smoking areas  - From 10:00 to 17:00 smoking cessation  - From 17:00 to 20:00 separation of smoking areas
[meal-style] cafe
[dress code] there is no
[floor] the first floor

※Of other guest call with cell-phone in shop has decline to come to trouble.

The latest information

Recommended menu

Mariage Frères

A lot of JING TEA 1,400 yen ...

High quality tea brand which is young and spirited which was founded in thought to "want to let TEA of the highest quality root in the U.K.." As you offer tea of various lineups, please enjoy with homemade cake which is full of taste.

A lot of Mariage Frères 1,400 yen ...

We provide much blend tea as "French style tea" from tea leaves which we stocked from each place in store specializing in well-established tea inheriting tea culture from the 17th century. Above all, "Marco Polo" almost representative of Mariage Freres is particularly popular rah-rah bird tea.

A lot of Ronnefeldt 1,400 yen ...

German well-established tea brand "ronneferuto." Flavor that the manufacturing method that we hung enough traditional time and trouble not to change since its formation and prominent blend technology bring about is used for tea of taste deep highly at five star Hotel of the world and continues being loved.

Hotel specially made cake set

Hotel specially made cake set

・Cake & coffee 2,000 yen
・Cake & tea (tea or herb tea) 2,000 yen

"Mariage Freres which is full of flavor," we take cake of tasteful hotel maid with tea and coffee such as British high-quality tea brand "JING".

※In addition, soft drinks or alcohol have various menus. Come casually.
※We do price written on the cover with 10% of service charges and total sum indication including consumption tax in page.

Reservation / Contact

Lobby lounge direct telephone call

06-6440-1060 06-6440-1060