Chinese food "Imperial Palace"

Chinese food "Imperial Palace"
Chinese Restaurant IMPERIAL PALACE

Eight years continuation!
We get Michelin Venus


King chef from China, Tianjin provides Cantonese dish that body which used high-quality ingredients and seasonal foods for concept abundantly is pleased with "What you eat makes you well.".

In "Michelin Guide Kyoto, Osaka 2017," we get consecutive Venus for eight years. We won record of wins and losses with Chinese food of Osaka alone. In addition, "Imperial Palace" was chosen as the 37th place as Chinese food while we were picked in restaurant 1,000 of the world in "LA LISTE" (la list) which Quai d'Orsay announced, and topless Trang including mon of three stars restaurant of home, China and Hong Kong crowded in 2015.

Course Cuisine which can enjoy various Cuisine in stylish and modern space where monotone stands out whether lunch is full of variations, Please enjoy luxurious dinner which used abalone and Ise lobster abundantly at night.


Wong Hing Shang


Ryuji Eriguchi


[number of floors] the third floor
[the number of seats] 98 seats
[private room] two (8-16 people)
[use of group] is available to up to 98 people
[cigarette] smoking cessation (only in the private room smoking permitted)
[meal-style] Chinese food (Cantonese dish)
[dress code] smart casual clothes
※Visit in short pants tank top beach sandal has you decline.
[floor] the third floor

Business hours

Lunch time From 11:30 to 15:00
(Last call 14:30)
Dinner time From 17:30 to 22:00
(Last call 21:30)
※Weekday dinner time has you refrain from the use of preschool child (in the private room, available)

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Chinese food "Imperial Palace" direct telephone call

06-6440-1065 06-6440-1065

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