Betrothal present

Betrothal present
Engagement Ceremony

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In the clean traditional matter, we promise everlasting end

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"Betrothal present" that is Japanese old tradition. Clean end ceremony is important ceremony to deepen the friendship of both families. By heartfelt Cuisine and service in conformity with tradition, we help Ryoke.

Lunch time From 11:30 to 15:00
(Last call 14:30)
Dinner time From 17:30 to 22:00
(Last call 21:30)
※We do not offer during the year-end and New Year period of from December 30 to January 3.

Betrothal present


We offer three following courses.
(contents of Cuisine change by course.)

  • Is constipated (end): 100,000 yen
    (about adult one person addition 12,000 yen)
  • saga (fortunately): 120,000 yen
    (about adult one person addition 15,000 yen)
  • kei (joy): 150,000 yen
    (about adult one person addition 19,000 yen)

Plan contents

We include the following contents in each plan.

  • Kaiseki dishes for six people
  • Sparkling wine (nothing) for toast
  • takujosohana (you can take to go)
  • Private room room charge (※ 1)

As you offer help of betrothal present-style progress, rug, large lid in guest you like, please order.

(※ 1) About the use of private room

  • In the case of the use, you can usually use room charge 40,000 yen for special price 20,000 yen by plan with "between the seventh-floor special room cherry tree".
  • Private room becomes chair seat. In addition, private room having a limit to number, thank you for your understanding beforehand.

About arrangement of betrothal present product

We accept arrangement of "sale and rental" of betrothal present product. Though we are selected in schedule of betrothal present, as for the arrangement of betrothal present product, please still consult about guest called ... to the staff by all means.

The betrothal present product "purchase:" 34,560 yen - / betrothal present product "rental:" 21,600 yen ...
※We arrange to other budgets.

Cuisine image

Gorgeous caliber including crystal glass and Wajima lacquering technique of baccarat directs seat of celebration more beautifully.

In commemoration of birth of new family, how about photograph of memory? [option]

In Japanese food "Hanano," we offer option that hotel contracted photographer photographs betrothal present three scene. Album in both families by nothing. Do you not have moment of birth of new family in photograph?

Betrothal present three scene 27,000 yen ... (it includes consumption tax, service charge)

※You want, and, by the shooting situation in hall, thank you for your understanding what we may not measure up to beforehand

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About betrothal present type

Betrothal present is ceremony where both families become relative (relative) by the marriage and "are constipated", and "*" me is correct with bitsukukotoo celebration, present and generally puts money and product of mascot from the bridegrooms in the brides. Betrothal presents are a great variety of by area, and official form does not exist, but it is generally common to push forward by flow as follows. As you work as help or host of progress of betrothal present in The Westin Osaka, you feel free to contact, and please touch.

About passage of betrothal present-type day

"Bridegroom" family, please come to the store in degree 30 minutes ago of the betrothal present-type due to begin time. Reasons include that both families do not meet until bride family finishing the decoration such as betrothal present products before it is come to the store, explaining betrothal present-style progress procedure, betrothal present type start.
On the contrary, it is desirable to be come to the store when explanation to bridegroom family and the decoration were finished, and "bride" family, please come 10-15 minutes before the due to begin time.

Flow when there is host progress

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(30 minutes ago) Bridegroom side arrival

Delivery of goods and custody of souvenir, maid displaying betrothal present product, procedure explanation of betrothal present-style progress, service of cherry tree tea. Please just wait until bride admission in room.

Betrothal present image

(15 minutes ago) Bride side arrival

After having led to another room (waiting for), receive; custody of book and souvenir, the decoration in case of decoration bringing, procedure explanation of betrothal present type progress, service of cherry tree tea.

Betrothal present image

Bride side admission

We just have the bridegroom side only by meeting, silent bow in room. The bride side is father → Mother → You enter room in order of the person and have you take seat.

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Betrothal present-style start

Firstly we say hello than person of host.

Say hello than bridegroom father successively, the end of list. Say hello than bride father, and receive; the end of book.

(when there is souvenir) than bridegroom the end of souvenir. Than bride the end of souvenir.

Finally than person of progress greetings of end.

We just eat in room.

About the folding fan end

We put folding fan and image

"The folding fan end" to be performed to make sure of intention of engagement for each other before official betrothal present
We offered set of "the folding fan end" available optionally in order to meet wide request of guest in The Westin Osaka.

Question that betrothal present type is common in

Obi charges? How much is amount of money?

Betrothal money to give from male side for woman side wraps cash in seal done "padded silk garment charges" or "obi charges" and address. We do address associated with kimono in meaning "that what we gave spot goods such as kimono or cloth in the case of betrothal present in old days exchanges with obi".

There is not rule in particular about amount of money, but there is the generally most 1 million yen, and it is 5-6 percent.

In addition, it is certain as it is said that I should hand charm in new bill when we make a reservation approximately one week before we receive in bank. On the day wrapper band of bank should be handed so that it is not necessary to count bill with attaching.

Clothes at the time of betrothal present?

There are full dress and informal dress to clothes at the time of the ceremony of betrothal present. Of course official one is full dress, but person faced by ceremony comes by informal dress. However, is dress to suit even if say informal dress; a little…Because there is much one called this, faced by "associate full dress" by ceremony seems to be actually often found. It is natural we talk in both families, and to make even with clothes at the same level and will be enough even if we make whichever. In the case of betrothal present type by associate full dress, as for the man, as for informal dress, the married woman, visiting dress, unmarried woman wear long-sleeved kimono. It is in particular at the last opportunity in long-sleeved kimono as long-sleeved kimono is not worn for the woman person when we get married. There is more in long-sleeved kimono than the result or suit and visiting dress very much.

How long should we do betrothal present response?

For betrothal money which we had from male side, article to return with thanks as "hakama charges" "returns betrothal present". This does not have rule about amount of money either, but usually returns 10% of betrothal money which I had. We said "backstitch" before in Kanto area and often returned half price of betrothal money, but came to often do approximately 10% from size of burden recently. In addition, betrothal present return does not have any problem with article not cash either. Engagement returning things made use of for souvenir and new life becomes than half.

Family book?

Family book handing in the case of betrothal present, relative book introduces each family, and meaning that I would like coming relative acquaintance is loaded with. In addition, originally we were intended to show that all the relatives agreed to this marriage. But it is not necessarily necessary to hand with relative book and may be only family book.

※We do price written on the cover with 10% of service charges and total sum indication including consumption tax in page.

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