Teppanyaki "Hanano"

Teppanyaki "Hanano"
Teppanyaki HANANO

"Hanano" Teppanyaki menu

We offer flash of chef, Sasaki having wide knowledge such as unique career, vegetables or wine more than ten years with Italian food and Teppanyaki menu utilized experience.

Please enjoy the skill of Teppanyaki "Hanano" managing ingredients of "yo" including steamed vegetables and vegetables menu only in Sasaki having qualification of natural food coordinator including vegetables Tips to finish at counter and foie gras and cheese and beef selected carefully splendidly.

Business hours

Lunch time From 11:30 to 15:00
(Last call 14:30)
Dinner time From 17:30 to 22:00
(Last call 21:30)


[number of floors] the third floor
[the number of seats] 17 seats (only in the counter)
[cigarette] smoking cessation
[meal-style] Teppanyaki
[dress code] smart casual clothes
※Visit in short pants tank top beach sandal has you decline.

The latest information

Recommended drink
Flog' s Leap Zinfandel 2016

Wine which represents California of organic cultivation. It is easy to drink in full body from wine medium and is elegant. It is congenial to overall meat dishes.

Glass 2,800 yen / bottle 20,000 yen

List of recommended drinks

Japanese Restaurant "Hanano"

It is only for reservation


Contact us 06-6440-1066

It is only for reservation


Contact us 06-6440-1066