Japanese Restaurant "Hanano"

Japanese Restaurant "Hanano"
Japanese Restaurant HANANO

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Our Japanese restaurant "Hanano" has the atmosphere that is quiet, sukiya-style (Japanese authentic architecture). A miniature garden opening over the window lets you forget the urban noise while a little. You can have delicate Japanese food with relaxing to the full.

Restaurant "Hanano" has all type of dishes and its sections, like Teppanyaki, sushi, and Tempura counter other than a seat at the table providing Kaiseki dishes and a private room. In addition, the private room is prepared as tea-ceremony room "Sei Shun An" on the other floor. Please use it for ceremony or meeting.

Private room: Interval of working
Kaiseki dishes image
Kaiseki dishes image
Kaiseki dishes image

In Japanese food "Hanano," we offer four corners

Business hours

Lunch time From 11:30 to 15:00
(Last call 14:30)
Dinner time From 17:30 to 22:00
(Last call 21:30)

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Yumikino Kenji

Six kinds of taste and light taste

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