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"Blue Bar"
Executive Bar BLUE BAR

Blue Bar

Full-scale bar "Blue Bar" which just took over the name and mind of main bar in noble hotel "Algonquin" of New York. The chic shop where candle wavers faintly is loved as society ground of adult who is tsu.

Cocktail is offered from standard to non-alcohol, original. In addition, we have hotel style foods matching liquor well and look forward to coming of all of you.


[number of floors] the first floor
[the number of seats] 42 seats
[private room] there is no
[use of group] is available to up to 42 people
[cigarette] smoking permitted
[meal-style] bar
[dress code] there is no
[floor] the first floor
[charge charges] is 600 yen per person
(we include charm nuts mineral water soda, ice)

Business hours

Every day
From 17:00 to 24:00
※Snack order until 23:00

The latest information

About charge charges

※I am so sorry, but guest of bottle keeping should be (we include charm nuts mineral water soda, ice) of 600 yen per person for charge charges than Friday, January 1, 2016, too. We hope that we can have understanding.

Reservation / Contact

Blue Bar direct telephone call

06-6440-1061 06-6440-1061