Anniversary, betrothal present, celebration

Anniversary, betrothal present, celebration

The day on special day

It is the Seven-Five-Three Festival for birthday, wedding anniversary, sixtieth birthday celebration….
We color celebration of knot turning point of the life by meal and service only in hotel.

On birthday, wedding anniversary

Anniversary dinner

Anniversary dinner of restaurant "Amadeus"

For dinner on special day including birthday and wedding anniversary. In restaurant "Amadeus," chef exerts all the skill to, and color offers gorgeous dinner deliciously, too.

The details are this

For sixtieth birthday celebration

Chinese food "Imperial Palace" private room

Private room plan of Chinese food "Imperial Palace"

In Chinese food "Imperial Palace," we offer two optional private rooms to the number of people. Please use casually in various scenes such as meeting with family and close people not to be able to employ of mind, Business entertainment, various meetings.

The details are this

For 753 celebration

Japanese food "Hanano" private room

Private room plan of Japanese food "Hanano"

We offer five different private rooms of flavor in each on the restaurant and Hotel the seventh floor. Including Business entertainment, it is available regardless of use including betrothal present and meeting of the new members widely.

The details are this

Betrothal present, meeting of the new members

Betrothal present, meeting of the new members

In the clean traditional matter, we promise everlasting end

"Betrothal present" that is Japanese old tradition. Clean end ceremony is important ceremony to deepen the friendship of both families. By heartfelt Cuisine and service in conformity with tradition, we help Ryoke.

The details are this

In celebration of two people…

While looking at night view in staying & room - rust…

It is this in room dining course to usually have you have course Cuisine to be able to taste only at restaurant slowly in room. He/she creates night when dinner time disturbed to nobody of just two is romantic.

The details are this