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List of press release

Delivery day Title
2017.6.22 It is advantageous so as to become hot! Cool-down service of up to 35%OFF (PDF4 .01MB)
2017.6.5 News of "Happy Rain Day" where 10% of use of restaurant is advantageous (PDF272KB)
2017.5.31 Staying of child and the use of dinner buffet are free! August-only accommodation plan (PDF2 .43MB)
2017.5.25 It looks just like meat dishes and fish dishes! Appetizer, soup Maine Cuisine…"Dessert course" of all sweets (PDF303KB)
2017.5.16 In Amadeus MARCHE - hotel as for the barbecue - child for free plan of chef (PDF813KB)
2017.4.14 In Special Menu fair in good flavor of the sea, clear stream, mountain village of Kochi (PDF6 .22MB)
2017.2.17 We provide Special Menu using red good flavor of Kumamoto including banquet dishes, Teppanyaki, tempura, sushi (PDF3 .26MB)
2017.2.9 Amadeus MARCHE - vegetables are buffet and field of flowers sweets ... of the leading role (PDF946KB)
2017.2.2 We offer five plans including accommodation plan and restaurant plan on premium Friday (PDF2 .78MB)
2016.12.13 Unrivaled article stamina launch riding out December is popular! (PDF2 .78MB)
2016.11.4 The Japanese olives cultivation birthplace, ingredients of Kagawa abundantly. Kagawa olives fair (PDF2 .15MB)
2016.10.21 We win record of wins and losses of only Michelin with Chinese food of Michelin Guide Kyoto, Osaka 2017 "Imperial Palace" Osaka, and 4 pavilions mark hotel (PDF5 .88MB)
2016.9.28 We start on lunch course November 1, 2016 which was full of "What you eat makes you well. of Imperial Palace" which is delicious, and is kind to body (PDF3 .2MB)
2016.9.7 Taste of Amadeus harvest festival - autumn and world cheese ... (PDF640KB)
2016.8.30 Two kinds of flavor comes up to drawing card drink of lobby lounge newly (PDF226KB)
2016.8.5 Popular menu of Blue Bar which has been loved from the beginning of opening of business is renewed (PDF226KB)
2016.7.21 To parfait which is colorful honey produced in urban honey source (PDF211KB)
2016.7.12 We renew executive club floor! In stay space better-quality by "traditional beauty of Azuchi-Momoyama period and the West" new service. (PDF2, 301KB)
2016.7.1 It is advantageous so as to become hot! Cool-down service of up to 35%OFF (PDF310KB)
2016.6.21 JAL pack Award 2015 guest section gold medal receiving a prize (PDF565KB)
2016.6.02 Executive club floor guest room renewal (PDF213KB)
2016.5.18 It is imminent in the rainy season! "Happy Rain Day" where rainy day is carrying out advantageous service, and 10% of use of restaurant is advantageous (PDF268KB)
2016.4.14 Sweets of favorable reception evolve in thick soft and fluffy texture last year (PDF265KB)
2016.3.24 Plan to enjoy time to spend in hotel more is 2016 new accommodation plan one after another (PDF471KB)
2016.2.10 Teatime "White day ticket" which is elegant in white day sale (PDF260KB)
2016.2.02 Totally French course? So that course sews various sweets full of variety (PDF244KB)
2015.11.30 By flow free in "champagne loved most in the world" to the full (PDF232KB)
2015.11.19 Winter season-limited hot dessert new menu "The Westin Osaka specially made whole grilled apple" to want to eat in cold winter (PDF258KB)
2015.10.27 Kagawa olives fair holding which used rare ingredients abundantly in Kansai! As for the ingredients of the Kansai's first appearance (PDF596KB)
2015.10.20 In Michelin Guide Kyoto, Osaka 2016, we get The Westin Osaka star (PDF480KB)
2015.10.15 Menu starts in "dessert set of hotel de night cafe adult" autumn (PDF209KB)
2015.10.01 Banquet room "Rose room" "Chinese quince" is reopened on August 25 (PDF610KB)
2015.9.30 Can enjoy taste of chef of Japanese, Western, and Chinese style three, but under hotel specially made New Year dishes reservation receptionist (PDF454KB)
2015.8.08 Hot summer day 30%OFF, extremely hot day 35%OFF "cool-down service" start (PDF311KB)
2015.7.17 There is child for free plan! Summer Italian dinner buffet 7/17 - 8/31 (PDF665KB)
2015.7.02 Awajishima fair holds ingredients of Awajishima abundantly (PDF493KB)
2015.5.27 Dessert set release (PDF334KB) of hotel de night cafe adult
2015.5.12 We are ahead of summer by Hawaiian menu! Is selling from Hawaiian pancake May 7; (PDF246KB)
2015.4.17 Introduction (PDF328KB) of Afternoon Tea enjoying the fresh green in Umeda
2015.4.14 Golden Week buffet! Pudding for 40 puddings comes up! (PDF283KB)
2015.3.12 Japanese food "Hanano" cherry tree Festival holding (PDF311KB)
2015.2.20 Wonderful floor for woman is reborn in 3/1. (PDF464KB)
2015.1.22 With person and family running out of ... Westin Valentine & White Day ... size and friend (PDF308KB)
2015.1.20 In Bira Thijs lesson & Nature lunch - hotel oneself polishing plan ... (PDF264KB)
2015.1.15 We renewed homepage (PDF1, 500KB)
2014.12.16 2015 New Year cutting of the New Year's rice cake event holding! Sale simultaneous as for the extreme popularity luxurious lucky bag (PDF210KB)
2014.11.11 So that banquet dishes prepare King globefish of winter taste in Japanese food "Hanano" (PDF558KB)
2014.10.23 Chinese food "Imperial Palace" gets one continuation star in Michelin Guide Kansai 2015 for six years (PDF360KB)
2014.10.03 The Westin Osaka-limited New Year dishes release (PDF329KB)