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List of press release

Delivery day Title
2018.05.17 Full-scale remodeling first since the Japanese food "Hanano" hotel opening of business (PDF359KB)
2018.03.28 Child for free! To buffet full of "vegetables with" jumbo dessert in GW in families (PDF603KB)
2018.03.22 Executive club lounge provides "more deluxe time" for the champagne whole day (PDF1, 150KB)
2018.02.08 We go on a picnic at AMADEUS MARCHÉ X hotel (PDF769KB)
2018.02.05 Savoury is fulfilling! Champagne and special Afternoon Tea in dusk to enjoy (PDF426KB)
2017.11.17 Winter is pan buffet Amadeus MARCHE ... warm fair ... of vegetables at hotel (PDF725KB)
2017.11.13 Christmas plan of dainty food to enjoy in The Westin Osaka (PDF459KB)
2017.11.7 In Michelin Guide Kyoto, Osaka 2018, Chinese food "Imperial Palace" gets consecutive Venus in 4 pavilions hotel for nine years (PDF516KB)
2017.11.2 We dissolve ill feeling healthfully. "Personal training" to make motivation and muscle active (PDF1, 365KB)
2017.10.30 howaitokurisuma is white Afternoon Tea set of theme (PDF245KB)
2017.10.20 "Kagawa olives are fair" offer in good flavor of Kagawa whom we were able to meet simply because we visited production center (PDF558KB)
2017.8.23 Is it new famous spot of rose in autumn? Rose sweets "Afternoon Tea set" to see, and to taste (PDF268KB)
2017.8.22 In space luxury in autumn taste hunting! World ... of Amadeus MARCHE - mushrooms and cheese (PDF601KB)