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We publish release delivered for journalist and companies writer.
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About use of facilities by coverage

In The Westin Osaka, I decline public space such as lobbies and restaurant, photography in impermissibility in bar lounge firmly.

※Photograph in release and copyright of logo mark belong all to The Westin Osaka. In addition, please refrain from placing information in release without permission. We hope that we hear to charge window.

List of press release

Delivery day Title
2017.8.23 Is it new famous spot of rose in autumn? Rose sweets "afternoon tea set" to see, and to taste (PDF268KB)
2017.8.22 In space luxury in autumn taste hunting! World ... of Amadeus MARCHE - mushrooms and cheese (PDF601KB)
2017.8.8 Halloween dessert of course sewing that is cute, and is horror (PDF3 .16MB)
2017.6.22 It is advantageous so as to become hot! Cool-down service of up to 35%OFF (PDF4 .01MB)
2017.6.5 News of "Happy Rain Day" where 10% of use of restaurant is advantageous (PDF272KB)
2017.5.31 Staying of child and the use of dinner buffet are free! August-only accommodation plan (PDF2 .43MB)
2017.5.25 It looks just like meat dishes and fish dishes! Appetizer, soup Maine Cuisine…"Dessert course" of all sweets (PDF303KB)
2017.5.16 In Amadeus MARCHE - hotel as for the barbecue - child for free plan of chef (PDF813KB)