Banquet, conference room

Banquet, conference room
Party & Conference Space

From large banquet room to be able to have to up to 1,000 people to board room to be able to use for meeting or dinner meeting.

We establish large and small banquet rooms in 1F and 2F, 4F and 7F in The Westin Osaka. We put together at opportunity and, until formal dinner and buffet, meeting or betrothal present, are available.

Large banquet room "Rose room" (hotel 2F): Up to 1,000 accommodation

Large banquet room "Rose room"

Rose room

Large banquet room to be able to invite up to 1,000 people to

Banquet room "Oriana / Mimollete / Sonora"

Oriana / Mimollete / Sonora

We add and the number of people and we divide "Rose room" and are available

Middle banquet room "Chinese quince" (hotel 4F): Up to 350 accommodation

Middle banquet room "Chinese quince"

Chinese quince

Middle banquet room where we see green garden, and there is a feeling of opening

Banquet room "bellflower"


A feeling of opening is the same and divides "Chinese quince" in two

Banquet room "Sara"


We divide "Chinese quince" in two and are available

VIP room

VIP room

Solid space as guest waiting room

Small party venue (hotel 4F): Up to 70 accommodation

Small party venue "orchid"


Small party venue "haze"


Small party venue "dance"


From reception to small meeting, preview, dinner meeting, betrothal present, it is available in both business and private.

Board room (7F): Up to 35 accommodation





Board room of atmosphere that was quiet, and was settled down in consideration for privacy. We add hospitality suite which is available as waiting room.

Banquet room "Stella Maris" (1F): Up to 60 accommodation

Stella Maris

Hall which is chic, and is luxury of calm tone. We can expect green of Chushizen-no-mori (forest) from window.

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