Banquet, meeting

Banquet, meeting
Party & Conference

Hospitality that made ze;zei for party and meeting

In the United States most the history and classic "Westin Hotels & Resorts®."

We inherit good-quality hospitality with the reputation and it is warm and has guest by perfect service. We meet refined meeting place coordinates and direction, request of one one including Cuisine which made an elaborate plans carefully and send the best hospitality of world standard.

The latest information

To secretary of party

Secretary of party was left suddenly ―

Is there such an experience?

Work of secretary works at all when we think while being based on intention of participant to do all contents of search for meeting place and Cuisine, preparations for entertainment by oneself than we thought. Duty is heavy for oneself…Please feel free to contact if you feel to. Sales staff of charge area of guest asks to secretary on the date of designation and accepts consultation. In addition, even guest of distant place heard consultation by email and fax.

We answer any question including arrangement of premium of party and pickup and drop-off bus service, arrangement of emcee and letter of invitation making. With we staff, do you not build up splendid party by all means?

Work contents of secretary

Secretary has such a work. (an example)

  • Budget and confirmation of the number of people present
  • We hear request of Cuisine
  • Search for meeting place
  • We actually go for preliminary inspection
  • If meeting place is decided, it is made notice
  • Choice of the personnel & request of entertainment
  • Selection of premium of lottery
  • Reception desk of the day and the fee collection
  • Chairmanship progress of party
  • Greetings of the closing
  • Arrangement of car of return

Reservation / Contact

The Westin Osaka sales department

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