"Kochi fair" to enjoy good luck of the sea, mountain, river by the skill of takumi

"Kochi fair" to enjoy good luck of the sea, mountain, river by the skill of takumi

"Kochi fair" to enjoy good luck of the sea, mountain, river by the skill of takumi

April 29, 2017

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We hold kingdom "Kochi fair" of gourmet that all of good luck of the sea, mountain, river gathers from Tuesday, April 25, 2017 in Japanese food "Hanano".

We offer various ingredients representing Kochi including Kochi product vegetables, fruit which did including moray, tomato and small summer when local is eaten in bonito of special product partly in Tosa akaushi, hachikin regional chicken, kinmedai, the country. Banquet dishes, Teppanyaki, tempura, sushi, cooks of each "Hanano" corner provide Cuisine which they added the refined skill to.

Kochi fair Cuisine image

Ingredients of Kochi


Seared image of bonito

Representative ingredients, bonito of Kochi proud of whole country's best consumption Known as "eyes Aobayama grayheaded cuckoo first bonito of the season" spring bonito features flavor and the sharpness.

In "Hanano," we offer with grilled traditional straw. Subcutaneous fat and body are well familiar and are baked deliciously without fire entering too much to bake at high temperature with grilled straw at a stretch. Skin of and taste that it is made straw roast carefully, and are fragrant, and were smoked are special dishes that the tight body does not stop if we begin to eat tightly.

About bonito

Tosa akaushi

Tosa akaushi image

Breeding of dirt beef is Kumamoto, Higo and Japanese beef which there is very little breeding head count only in Kochi, Tosa, and is valuable.

Precious kind that they are bred around the mountains of Tosa akaushiha Kochi, and only 500-600 of them a year are shipped. Resistance to the teeth that red meat which gives hay and wild grass abundantly, and scattered fat in pursuit of body and red meat with full of taste in a good balance is juicy, and is moderate carefully. Two marbled tastes coexist with red meat with exquisite balance. Meat original taste gradually spreads so as to chew and is taste to be able to enjoy lingering sound.

Tosa akaushinitsuite


Tosa akaushi image

Kochi that is said to be the fruit tomato birthplace. We minimize both chemical fertilizer and pesticides for comfortable climate and the making of good soil of balance and cultivate. There is sugar content that is more more than double than normal tomato. Harmony of acidity is one of the tastes of tomato of Kochi let alone sweetness, too.

About tomato

Ingredients of other Kochi

Tosa hachikin regional chicken

As we spend time while carrying out an activity that open space breeding is enough, bite that there is elasticity in firm fleshy substance endures. In addition, rich taste that there was not extra fat, and taste was condensed. We bring on flavor only by regional chicken from little fatty meat.


Thing which is produced from winter to early summer with taste is fatty, and is particular. There is refined sweetness to wet taste, fat with wall thickness and is taste enchanted by unintentionally.


We feed with clean water, and, as for the eel of Kochi that was brought up not to give stress, lingering sound of taste opens without smell without being too fatty.


The soft body resembled good-quality chicken with wall thickness; is texture plainly. On the other hand, it overflows with heavy heavy thing migajuwa ... from subcutaneous gelatinousness. Abundant and plain. Unique taste that these two flavors weave seems to be dark and is taste of pot.


Kochi proud of the best eggplant amount of production in Japan. Above all, it is characteristic that kind improved "Tosa hawk" has little lye originally in Kochi, and fleshy substance is soft.


Climate of high temperature and humid Kochi is suitable for production of ginger by the many sunshine; is the first place in approximately 33% of domestic production nationwide. Ginger which the rich soil of Kochi brings up has high flavor, and flavor and sharp taste are solid.


Lunch from 11:30 to 15:00 (Last call 14:30)

  • Kaiseki dishes
  • Teppanyaki
  • Tempura
  • Sushi
  • Kochi lunch banquet dishes: 7500 yen per person

    Offer time: Lunch time

    Hors d'oeuvre:Various tomato juice early summer vegetables whitebait tomato white miso dressing bonito harambo cucumber needle ginger addition and subtraction vinegar
    Stewed foods wooden bowl:utsubo jade tofu blue bud
    Structure:Two kinds of grilled straw bonito seasonal made garnishs
    Ceramic ware:Tosa akaushi Japanese style roast beef burned field greens hachikin regional chicken herb roasted or deep-fried chicken
    Fried food:Top shell fish guts pickled in salt saute with butter fresh vegetables
    Dwarf tree:One fishing be wet; tsumire eggplant blue of sardine
    Rice:Eel sushi ginger sweet and sour pickles from Kochi
    Juice:Miso soup with fishmeat
    Fruit:Seasonal fruit

    We reserve this plan We reserve this plan

    Kochi ball seat: 17000 yen per person

    Offer time: Dinner time

    Hors d'oeuvre:We catch comparing the tastes raw whitebait grated radish wholesale ginger ponzu vinegar bonito harambo one of various tomato, and be wet and get soaked in sardine bud garlic vinegared bean paste cheese bonito fish guts pickled in salt kokunegikourishomisoe
    Stewed foods wooden bowl:Small kettle (hachikin regional chicken tsumire / deep-fried tofu / vegetables color color)
    Structure:Two kinds of grilled straw bonito seasonal made garnishs
    Ceramic ware:Tosa akaushi eel unglazed pottery roasted buds burned field greens from Kochi
    Fried food:utsubo deep-fried chicken lemon salt from Kochi
    Dwarf tree:Kinmedai boiled and seasoned fish or vegetable eggplant jade stewed blue bud
    Rice:Octopus and flavor U.S. rice
    Pickled vegetables:Three kinds
    Juice:Miso soup with fishmeat
    Fruit:Seasonal fruit

    Seared bonito

    Hors d'oeuvre

    Rice (lunch time)

    Rice (dinner time)

    We reserve this plan We reserve this plan

  • Kochi Teppanyaki Tosa akaushi dinner course: 17000 yen per person

    Offer time: Lunch time / dinner time

    Chef original hors d'oeuvre
    Consomme of ginger and seasonal vegetables
    With sauce of seared consomme nonikogorito balsamico of bonito
    With genovese sauce of marugerita green shiso of eggplant and tomato from Kochi
    Steamed vegetables of early summer from Kochi
    Tosa akaushi fillet steak
    Tosa akaushi surloin steak
    Garlic rice with chopping fine soy ginger pickles
    Miso soup with fishmeat pickled vegetables
    Seasonal fruit

    Teppanyaki image

    marugerita of eggplant and tomato from Kochi

    Tosa akaushi steak

    We reserve this plan We reserve this plan

  • Kochi tempura special lunch course: 7500 yen per person

    Offer time: Lunch time

    Hors d'oeuvreColorful tomato and with Tosa vinegar jelly of octopus and cucumber
    StructureTwo kinds of grilled straw bonito seasonal made garnishs
    TempuraSix kinds of two kinds of ability winding prawns fish guts pickled in salt fragrant Camembert cheese seasonal seafood seasonal vegetables
    Cleansing the palateChopping fine tension tension salad sesame ponzu vinegar deep-fried dried young sardines dressing
    MealTempura bowl or sky chazuke
    FruitTake jam sauce in Wasanbon pannakotta small summer; mint

    Tempura image

    Tempura image

    Reservation of tempura corner becomes receptionist only for telephone. We make a reservation on the telephone

  • A la carte 1 kan: 650 yen ...

    Offer time: Lunch time / dinner time

    We make basashi

    We provide with bonito and eel of specialty of Kochi, Tosa akaushio, grip.

    • Tosa akaushinotataki
    • Seared bonito from Kochi
    • Eel unglazed pottery from Kochi

    ※Reservation of sushi corner becomes receptionist only for telephone. We make a reservation on the telephone

※Ingredients offer article of the Kochi field.
※By weather, the arrival situation, a part of the menu may be changed.

唎 comes; liquor of Rev. liquor careful selection Kochi


These 65%/day of rice cleaning rates liquor degree +10
Light and shade middle hot
We harmonize to devise traditional spicy structure and this brewing. The sharpness of refreshing flavor peculiar to hot and this brewing is secret of taste. We match Japanese, Western, and Chinese style various Cuisine well. It is excellent at affinity to Tosa-style Katsuo Tataki which let sushi and soy sauce and vinegar work or grilled mountains and seas product.

Glass 1,200 yen /1 go 2,000 yen

40,010 no pure rice size brewing sake from the finest rice home brew

These 45%/day of rice cleaning rates liquor degree +2
Richness is slightly spicy
We drew underflow water of the Shimanto River which flowed deeply of sake brewery under the ground and taught. Liquor rice is native local sake made from delicious water and rice of the Shimanto River "only in dream of gin" from 40,010 towns. Flavor only by home brew of sake itself increasing neither water nor kind rich full-bodied in richness. It is in particular excellent at affinity to ceramic ware, fried food such as Tosa akaushiya, eel from 40,010 towns.

Glass 1,800 yen /1 go 3,300 yen / bottle 13,000 yen


From Tuesday, April 25, 2017 to Wednesday, May 31

  • Lunch time: From 11:30 to 15:00 (Last call 14:30)
  • Dinner time: From 17:30 to 22:00 (Last call 21:30)

Contact us

Japanese food "Hanano" 06-6440-1066 Japanese food "Hanano" 06-6440-1066



Governor of Kochi greetings

We are glad at all in being able to introduce by proud meal brought up by rich sea, mountain, river of Kochi to many of you by "Kochi fair" of The Westin Osaka "Japanese food Hanano". Fun has seasonal ingredients of Kochi and Special Menu by the skill of takumi of chef by all means at this opportunity and is happy if we can come over to "will country Kochi late Tokugawa period revolution Expo" holding this in Kochi as opportunity by all means.