OSAKA HONEY: Important thought that bee sends

OSAKA HONEY: Important thought that bee sends

OSAKA HONEY: Important thought that bee sends

February 28, 2016

In hotel shop "CONDI," we started sale of castella made using honey made saimitsu in Umeda, Osaka and the honey. Rare straight honey that sweetness that is surprisingly delicate, and is refined made saimitsu in city opens. It is most suitable for present to important one and present.


OSAKA HONEY mitsuawase
Two kinds of honey set (with wooden box)

Rare natural pure Masao honey which was produced in Umeda. We bottle without being gathered by the Mint Bureau and Osaka Castle, flower and herb of rosary and utsubokoen of Nakanoshima, and being amber, and being fragrant, and keeping the same mellow flavor alive in taste refined highly, and adding anything without heating.

※Difference in color depends on difference in saimitsutsuki.
※Please do not feed baby younger than one year.

One OSAKA HONEY Umeda: 1,620 yen
OSAKA HONEY mitsuawase: 3,240 yen

The finest honey castella (with honey syrup)

53 roast which rare straight honey fully entered. Subtle sweetness spreads through quiet taste to fill the mouth gently. In addition, you can enjoy heavy taste by putting attached honey syrup.

It is most suitable for important one as present with all thought to overflow. Cake using honey "of" city that is feelings that only domestic natural material uses all the raw materials and blessing of city apiculture is the finest present which you can be pleased with as "polite present" born by handwork of producer.

※As you use honey, please do not feed baby younger than one year.

2,700 yen

komitsu, amemitsu

OSAKA HONEY kompeito "komitsu"

komitsu image

Pretty kompeito using Osaka honey.
"komitsu" which adds Osaka honey to "kompeito" that heart softens in traditional simple taste, and flavor is beautiful like jewel which we finished wealthily, and is lovely. Golden taste prepared three kinds of "honey lemon" "honey ginger" "plane sugar". Attach in teatime of coffee and tea; and shiningly gorgeously. We match wine and whiskey well.

With 90 g of kompeito: 864 yen

OSAKA HONEY candy "amemitsu"

amemitsu image

Candy moistened in one drop using Osaka honey.
We condensed mineral and rich nature ingredient and taste of honey including vitamin thoroughly and finished to cake of healthy intention. It is with 14 drops of four four six "honey caramel" "honey lemon" "honey plums" in total. As for three kinds of taste, refined sweetness gets wide to fill the mouth in nature only by purely straight honey.

With 14 candy: 864 yen

With Osaka honey

We learn from "city apiculture" performed in Paris and New York, big city including Ginza, Birdhouse is set up in Umeda Chayacho, 2015 in 2010 by Shitenno-ji Temple. In city area of Osaka said to that there was little green, how much honey started as environment cultural activities to bring up bee from real unknown quantity in the downtown area whether there was saimitsu.

It is honey in city. In the urban honey source that it might seem unexpectedly, but there was little influence of pesticides, high-quality surprisingly. On the other hand, it is valuable because there is little saimitsuryo. In other words, there is natural space in area where bee lives in by all means. Proof of various flowers and trees and plants breathing in the downtown area of Osaka that is unrelated, and thinks that "Osaka honey" is natural. Bee takes important role to tie nature, person, town to one, and honey is message conveying the proof.

In town of here Osaka, what kind of honey source will be brought up. As for bees which took off from our hope for chest having progressed, being surprised including fresh flavor of small flower and herb was delicate, and refined sweetness was honey which opened.

While having sugar content more than world standards without adding nothing without just making use of mellow taste, and heating up; as for the aftertaste lightly. Umeda and Shitenno-ji Temple, two "Osaka honey" were born.

And professionals of meal to play an active part in dainty food city Osaka let one sublimate to sweetness of relief in thought.

Message to the future when honey that what we want to convey collected small nature of Osaka speaks. To discovery of rich way of living to grant in just small mind zukikara, downtown area. Is small brand which still just nominated the first cry for, but, in town of Osaka, is more delicious; more pleasantly. With bee, we collect "wonderful" of Osaka hard and want to send a time of relief to all of you. It is wish of "Osaka honey".

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Sale period

We sell in whole year from February, 2016

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Hotel shop "CONDI:" 06-6440-1064