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Fitness club
Fitness Club

Fitness for adult whom elegant time streams down

We maintain health to make ideal body. We refresh mind and body.
One of the luxury that it brings a space in heart "to strengthen body" in spite of being person state who is purpose. In quiet space of hotel, we break a comfortable sweat while spending refined time ―

― It is fitness club for executive that adults gather here.

Business hours From 7:00 to 22:00 (last entrance 21:00)
Floor The sixth floor

Information for facilities

Guide map in fitness club

Male area
(1) Relaxation room
(2) Locker room
(3) Bath
(4) Sauna
(7) Powder room
Woman area
(8) Relaxation room
(9) Locker room
(10) Powder room
(11) Sauna
(12) Bath
Common use area
(5) Pool
(6) Whirlpool
(13) Massage room
(14) Outdoor running truck
(15) Gym


Pool of width 7M X length 20M which always keeps right temperature. Because positive light comes in with brilliant, the room is like liberation brightly. It is indoor model pool which was particular about comfort.


In circle-formed pool which is called jacuzzi, current containing air bubbles stimulates the whole body like a brick from surface of the water bottom. We untie tired muscle and do mind and body comfortably together.


By training gym where many training machines were installed in, we help your making of health, shape up by menu which there is not of unreasonableness that we put together in each person's age, health condition by instructor.

Outdoor running truck

There is running truck "wellness park" when we appear from fitness club to the outdoors. Is comfortable while feeling wind to blow through valley of building; please sweat.


After having exercised from head to foot in gym and pool, please remove everyday fatigue in far infrared rays sauna.


After having sweated in gym and sauna, please wash away sweat slowly in shower and bath.

Relaxation room

After bath rise and the training, it is available as space having you relax.

Locker room

Please leave baggage at this locker room.

Contact us

Fitness club direct communication

06-6440-1000 06-6440-1000

Time in from 7:00 to 22:00