Relaxation salon

Relaxation salon
Esthetic Salon

Massage of supreme bliss given quietness

Hotel relaxation salon on the eighth floor plays healing music, and calm time goes by. We massage supreme bliss so that professional esthetician who had hospitality and high technique can be relaxed from not only body but also body.
In addition, guest staying at hotel heard business trip service to room. (1,080 yen /1 room), after reservation, please use beforehand.

※For salon given priority to reservation, we recommend prior reservation.
※I decline business trip service to room by the use only for man. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Business hours
From Monday to Friday From 11:00 to 20:00
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays From 10:00 to 20:00

※Visit of last 20:00 is limited to the use of course within 60 minutes.
※In the case of the course use, 19:00 should be the last entering a shop time for 120 minutes.

The latest information

Aroma oil of / [extreme popularity] luxury Rose most suitable for present

Rose aroma oil

At the time of supreme bliss that is given to be fragrant of luxury Rose

Because rose oil needs dozens of roses to extract one drop of aroma oil, it is said that it is the most deluxe. Refined refined flavor right invites to relaxed happy feeling in noble family appropriate for the name of "Queen". With oil of flavor full of dignity that is effective for stress reduction, we massage whole body well.

Optional rate

Course rate +2,160 yen

Available course

Select course
(in ※ aroma oil treatment in the case of the use)

Aroma oil treatment

Gift coupon

How about beauty treatment salon ticket to present?

Gift coupon

Mind and body are good to having you relax together to convey thought to important one. Of course we welcome the use of guest of man warmly. Celebrations of wedding ceremony use. As you handle even product which you do not place in online shop, please order request casually.

  • We attach message card to exclusive gift box and offer.
  • As "beauty treatment salon ticket" assumes all deposit, we hope that we have you propose having room on the delivery date and time. Please use the following online shopping whether you inquire reservation application to relaxation salon.
  • We can offer beauty treatment salon ticket of each course and, as well as beauty treatment salon ticket publishing in online shopping, are (seasonally limited course and campaign course are excluded). You feel free to contact, and please attach.

Facilities introduction

Private room 1

Private room 1

Private room 2

Private room 2

Powder room

Powder room

Reservation / Contact

The Westin Osaka main phone number

(+81) (6) 6440-1111 (+81) (6) 6440-1111

On-line reservation is this