Our Features

Our Features
Hotel Concept

Welcoming you with unparalleled hospitality
Hotel that welcomes you with unparalleled hospitality

It is of better quality warmly
Hall of hospitality
Hotel that welcomes you with unparalleled hospitality

The Westin Osaka can satisfy vitality by comfortable stay at hotel,
We provide "Rechargeable Stay".

Night view where city glitters located at center, Umeda of Osaka,
Stay which is comfortable in extensive room with Heavenly Bed which is also named "feeling in bed on cloud."

Gorgeous culture of Azuchi-Momoyama period that the West and the Orient intersected as for "The Nanban folding screen" published in lobby drawing.
In space that was wrapped up in this european classic and Japanesque modern, and all the hotels were calm, and relaxed.

Japanese food in space that is buffet and Japanese modern to be able to enjoy from breakfast,
"Meal" only in hotel including Chinese food having evaluations more various than home and abroad is fulfilling.
And it is healed in location among green which you can see from restaurant and lobby….

Everything is designed to help our guests ‘recharge’. ―
We hope that you will enjoy to the utmost your stay with us at The Westin Osaka.

Brilliant Night View from Guest Rooms

The Westin Osaka which all has spacious room more than 41 square meters and the best night view toward.
It is point that scenery opens out to enjoy night view.
Our hotel much-talked-about spot, GRAND FRONT in place of a 4-minute walk
In the west looking at the setting sun setting in the east, the south side overlooking building group of Umeda, Gulf of Osaka,
It is nearby, and there is not high-rise building, and night view from room is named the highest peak in Osaka.

Please enjoy a wonderful time at night slowly from room.

Heavenly Bed, a Truly Out-of-this World Sleep Experience

Heavenly Bed
Heavenly Bed
Heavenly Bed
Heavenly Bed

One which is indispensable to "Rechargeable Stay" having vitality enrich by comfortable stay at hotel
Heavenly®Bed (Heavenly Bed) which Westin brand developed originally.

As invention that Heavenly Bed leads the hotel industry since announcement of 1999
We were praised with "feeling in bed on cloud" and continued inviting guest to deep sleep of peace.

Thing that high quality sleep is important for mental and physical health.
From white sheet of 250 comfortable thread counts to duvet and soft and fluffy pillow, specially made pillow top mattress,
Heavenly Bed of Westin original which was particular about design of the details realizes good-quality sleep.

Location Replete with Tranquility and Nature

It is Landmark, Shin Umeda City of Osaka, Umeda that our hotel is built.
It is town where nature fuses with person consisting of 1km, Sky Building and Chushizen-no-mori (forest) from Osaka Station.
Offering a respite from the city’s bustle, The Westin Osaka provides a tranquil atmosphere.
In forest opening in the neighbor, the murmuring of water, small birdsong echo,
It becomes space of rest that firefly flies about in early summer every year.

We look while eating in lobby lounge and restaurant "Amadeus",
Or we take a walk for relaxation of hotel stay and feel nature to be while being at hotel,
You can reach the substantial next morning by having you spend time relaxedly.

In addition, we operate free shuttle buses from JR Osaka Station becoming the nearest station to our hotel (the time required: approximately 5-10 share).
The bus leaves from the bus stop located underneath the elevated railway tracks near Sakurabashi exit, so that you can reach the hotel without an umbrella even in the rain.

A substantial time in The Westin Osaka to have location that had comfort and convenience toward.
Please enjoy stay in "urban oasis".